International delivery

Dear customer, we also ship our goods to several other countries as you can see below. You can see the shipping costs to your country and transportation company through which we send the goods. You can choose your country during the ordering process, the price of the order will be automatically converted to EUR. Then y.

If you are from another country, especially from Europe country, don´t hesitate to ask us about the shipping price, mostly it is possible for us to send the goods.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask us via email ( or via the chat box at the bottom right of the page.

Shipping pricelist

  Country   Transportation company   Price  
  Belgium   DPD Courier   20 €
  DPD Courier   10 
  Denmark   DPD Courier   20 €
  DPD Courier   10 
  Italy   DPD Courier   12,10  
  Hungary   DPD Courier   10 
  Germany   DPD Courier   10 
  Poland   DPD Courier    10 
  Austria   DPD Courier   10 
  Russia   Russian Post   19,90 
  Slovenia   DPD Courier   10 
  Sweden   DPD Courier   24,20 
  Switzerland   DPD Courier   56,19
  United Kingdom and Ireland   DPD Courier   15

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